Main Points

History is Now

Here's our Table of Contents with access to all Earth Chronicle index pages. Or check our other resources. The Beta website contains information about website design and web development, while the Atlas site contains maps.

Earth Chronicle Content Resources

  • Reference Shelf - An index of the various resources we have available for searching or browsing Earth Chronicle's collection.
  • Timelines - The index of timelines, our best method for diving into world history. A broad breakdown of the overall movements in world history to give you a solid framework that will make all those names and dates become manageable.
  • Programming Best Practices - The index of programming and software discussion, including full life cycle development and the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Earth Chronicle Core

  • Earth Chronicle Home - Our home page. The launch point for new visitors to understand where they've landed and figure out where they can go.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - A collection of common questions about Earth Chronicle.
  • Reader's Guide - A guide for new visitors to Earth Chronicle, it's an introduction to our website and includes some handy tips.
  • Earth Chronicle Template - This is the basic template for each of our pages at Earth Chronicle.
  • Earth Chronicle Holding Page - This is the holding page we drop in for any page that's in process. It contains just a smidge of content, so this is the best way to see what's programmed into the master page templates.
  • Site Index - An alphabetical listing of the titles of all pages at Earth Chronicle.
  • Table of Contents - You're Here! A chapter based listing of the the pages available at Earth Chronicle. (Chapters are roughly subject based, however our subject listings cross reference pages under multiple topics; the table of contents lists each page just once.)


  • Roman Forum - Our interactive headquarters. Check in, see what's going on with all things Earth Chronicle.
  • 10 Most Wanted List - Our top 10 most wanted questions. Another way we let you know what we're looking for. Includes numerous honorable mentions.
  • Offsite Links - Our gallery of offsite links. There are many resources public domain and otherwise available, and we've created easy access for some of the best.


Other Earth Chronicle Websites

  • Earth Chronicle Beta - Our web design and development archive. While our website can post information and resources about almost any topic, our website is uniquely suited to discussing how websites are made. It's also a great place for committed Earth Chroniclers to see what's in the works and provide valuable feedback that will shape the site for years to come.
  • Earth Chronicle v. 1.0 - This is the first version of Earth Chronicle, the old black and lime green design. Yes... we have a lot to answer for. This is version 1.0 as it appeared on Yahoo's free Geocities accounts, before the beta site was launched on a shared hosting account.
  • Earth Chronicle v. 1.8 - This is the revised, sepia tone version of Earth Chronicle, that was never applied to anything except the Beta website. This was Earth Chronicle's Babylonian captivity while we were developing our website architecture and preparing to relaunch EC 2.0 in 2009. This is the last version of the website before we implemented master pages. At the time, the only version of "Earth Chronicle" available was the Geocities account in black and lime green. It would take the "Medieval Scroll" design used for EC 2.0 to bury the Geocities account for good.