Main Points

  • Accessibility Play Our work with Section 508 compliance and other accessibility issues.
  • SEO Play Our work with Google and other search engine optimization tips.

Here's our work on Accessibility which is frequently (but not always) very compatible with search engine optimization. (SEO) Regardless, both are techniques for tailoring your webpage to machines instead of your typical user. Whether that machine is an alternative "assistive technology", accessibile devices, or Googlebot, this section explores the similar techniques make your webpages nicer for "digital visitors". ;)

Accessibility Play

This is our section for addressing accessibility issues that come up for Earth Chronicle. The most reliable standard we’ve seen in our studies, as well as the most important, is section 508 of the US standards. The W3C has done a lot of good research on accessibility, but their ideas tend to be hit and miss. Their material is interesting but,until they can clean up their mess, Section 508 compliance is the best measure of website accessibility.

  1. IE Anchored Keyboard Navigation - Well, we're off to a fast start. Internet Explorer botches keyboard navigation when using inpage links from the keyboard. You know, pretty much the most important reason to use inpage links.

    [chroniclemaster1, 2007/09/02]

  2. IE Keyboard Navigation - Here's a continuation of the Internet Explorer keyboard navigation problem. This page demos uses of navigation without anchors.

    [chroniclemaster1, 2007/09/02]

  3. Section 508 Guidelines - Guidelines and discussion of the US Section 508 on website accessibility.

    [chroniclemaster1, 2009/05/03]

  4. Internationalization (i18n) - Discussion of the issues with building websites for international and / or multi-lingual audiences.

    [chroniclemaster1, 2009/09/18]

  5. Usability Design - We've talked a lot about accessibility issues, what about basic good design principles for everyone... Universal Design.

    [chroniclemaster1, 2009/09/18]

SEO Play

Search Engine Optimization is a key study for those who want to acquire traffic. It’s a science and most of the work is posted live on Google and updated regularly. Here is our SEO in brief, especially as it relates to optimizing Earth Chronicle. For the most reliable and up to date information we recommend visiting Google directly.

  1. Seo01SeoFundamentals.aspx - Our initial work on SEO for Earth Chronicle. Beginner's tips and our first formal SEO review for pages.

    [chroniclemaster1, 2008/10/29]