Main Points

Javascript support has improved vastly over the last few years, though it is absolutely a consideration still. Both the better understanding of unobtrusive / DOM scripting and the advancement of AJAX has done a lot to make Javascript more important and convince "most" people to use it. You can pretty well assume that Javascript will be available in "most" cases.

Unobtrusive scripting has made great strides in acceptance on the net as well. While you will still find pages full of inline and embedded scripts on the web, most developers coding now know and will at least pay lip service to the concept of unobtrusive scripts called from external .js files. The web standards movement also deserves worlds of credit for helping convey the perception that it needs to be done this way, even if people don't always execute their sites correctly.

Javascript Testing

Digging into the current generation of best practices in Javascript coding and RIA (Rich Internet Application) development.

  • 1. Fundamentals - Discussion of the modern best practices in Javascript including unobtrusive scripting, Javascript's version of OO, and jQuery.

    [chroniclemaster1, 2010/10/04]

  • 2. Photo Carousel - A simple script to fade through a succession of images.

    [chroniclemaster1, 2010/10/04]

Historical Javascript

  1. Javascript Background - These are the original tests for Javascript, mostly for building the menus for our navbar. It also contains the original text for the Javascript Play page back in 2007. Some of the info has changed significantly so it's become a "historical" page. It will give you some ideas as to why we started unobtrusive scripting before it was truly fashionable.

    [chroniclemaster1, 2009/04/09]