Main Points

Here are the different types of projects that we're currently working on. Some are website design projects, some are web development initiatives, but if it's new (or old) you'll find it here.

Website Design Techniques

  • CSS Design - Our experiments with custom CSS designs and work with images.
  • Flash Website Design - Our work on Flash animations and interactive Flash applications with Actionscript.

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Web Development Techniques

  • ASP.NET Development - Our server side coding development, database work, and C# programming.
  • Programming Development - There is a lot of information about programming that has nothing to do with ASP.NET and in same cases even web technologies; so here is a beautifully agnostic location for best practices in writing software.
  • PHP Development - Probably the world's most widely used dynamic website technology, so our development wouldn't be complete without taking a look at what it can do.
  • Javascript Design and Development - Our client side scripting and interactive DHTML development.
  • Accessibility / SEO - Our with accessibility in webpage development and the related / competing topic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - basically Advanced XHTML.
  • XML / XSLT - Our experimentation in design and development of XML and XSLT programming.

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Content Review

Check out the very latest information we have available, and give us your feedback. Maybe we’ll rewrite the page, maybe we’ll start a new page around what you have to say. Either way, it’s your comments that make sure all new pages are properly checked out and reviewed before they are posted at Earth Chronicle.

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Ongoing Testing

Interested in new (and old) Earth Chronicle development? This page provides a log of everything we've been working on. Check out our ongoing testing. See what we're up to, learn what we've done historically with the website, or develop your own skills by researching best practices right here.

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